Turning Chisels

Turning has never been easier. These USA made chisels incorporate a tungsten carbide razor sharp tip that will let you start producing bowls, platters and goblets etc after your first week of turning. They offer for the first time a tool that requires little sharpening, less wrist strain and less time learning old tricks. Only three tip shapes are needed for you to accomplish the jobs of roughing out, detailing and finishing. The result is one that will astound even the hardened turners. Tips are held by screw which allows rotation to obtain a new sharp edge without having to remove or resharpen. Stainless steel shafts come in 1/2″ and 3/8″ square sizes
The Hollowers come with the same tips and a 25mm wide flat shaft that prevents tool rotation and makes hollowing a breeze. Three different shapes are available in three tool sizes.