saburrtooth burrs
Power carving with an angle grinder has never been easier. King Arthur makes it happen with two favourites, the Holy Galahad and the Lancelot. The Holy Galahad is a 100 mm diameter Rotary disc with needle-like tungsten teeth. Also know as “hedgehogs”, they remove timber like no tomorrow. The 6 outer holes act as a “window” to let you see through to your workpiece while you work. Extremely rapid material removal is possible with little effort.
They can be mounted on any angle grinder that  take 22mm discs, both 4″ and 4 /12″ USA models plus Japanese or European 125  mm grinders. Shape your timber, plastic, foam, soapstone, fiberglass, rubbers, silicons and other composites with ease. Never needs sharpening. They come in three grit sizes (fine , med & coarse) and have two edge profiles. This one adjacent is a ’round’ profile; other is a flatter one. KAT’s video here shows them in action. “King Arthurs demo” >

The Lancelot is a 100 mm cutter made from a chainsaw blade mounted rigidly between two stainless steel discs. The chain is manufactured by Oregon Saw Chain, USA and comes in 22 tooth chain link and a 14 tooth version. LancelotA smaller 89mm disc known as the Squire comes is both an 18 tooth and a 12 tooth version. Mounting hole sizes are 16 and 22 mm, for most 4″ and 4 1/2″ grinders.
Three types of shaping are possible with them
1: direct plunge cut;
2: side ways sweep cut, (scalloping) and
3: planing rake cut.

Safety is a key design factor, and these conform to and are governed by ANSI, UL, OSHA and CSPC.

Always use with the safety guard correctly mounted on your grinder.