Rotary Carbide Burrs

saburrtooth burrs
Power carving is an area of carving that allows you to work quickly and also explore more materials than hand carving alone would allow. Using these tungsten burrs gives you an incredible flexibility with high degree of control because with their tooth design they won’t pull or run like others do. Structured carbide teeth are staggered giving a clean chip-free surface. They work  » best at speed– between 6 and 24,000 rpm, » and can be used in Dremels, Rockwell grinders and air die grinders. Shaft sizes available in  1/8″ and 1/4″. Most come in three grit sizes being fine, (yellow) medium (green) and coarse. (orange)  SABURRTOOTH also manufacture a range of carbide rotary discs, sanding sleeves and other accessories. Head shapes include flame,  taper,  cylinder,  dovetail,  bud,  sphere,  ballnose  and  rotosaw.