RECORD Power Wood carving chisels

chiselNow available at    $195.00

Remember the old British RECORD vice ? Most workshops in NZ had one and mine is great even after 35 years of use. These are wood carving chisels marketed by the same company in the UK. This set of 12 carving tool profiles represents an ideal foundation selection, and is a core collection of blade profiles that can be used for most applications. It is also compatible with the Carving by Numbers educational system.
The set comes complete with a DVD and guide booklet. Twelve chisels for $195.00 will bring all your projects to life.
This range of premium quality hand chisels have been developed by Record Power to offer discerning carvers and woodworkers a selection of essential tools that can take pride of place in any workshop, such is the quality of their manufacture and design.

Each tool is manufactured from spring alloy steel, developed to retain their cutting edge and resistance to corrosion. The ergonomically shaped handles are suitable for both hand and mallet work. A substantial tang secures the blade into the handle to ensure strength and durability, locked in place by a ferrule preventing the handle from splitting.

tool profiles