Hoof Boss Trimming Tools

Hoof  Boss Trimming Tools

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Hoof Trimming Tools

The Only Electric Hoof Trimming Tool Designed for:

  Horse Owners

 Miniature Horse owners 

 Professional Hoof Trimmers

  Farriers &Veterinarians

 Dairy men

Product Description

The Hoof Boss is a unique 6-tooth tungsten carbide coated chainsaw disc designed exclusively for high volume cow hoof trimming. Unlike traditional rotary blades, the Hoof Boss is designed to make trimming pain-free and easy, as it uses a smooth gliding motion to remove hoof material.

Cutting on its side instead of its face, the Hoof Boss does not require a chopping motion to remove hoof material, so it reduces the usual strain on your hands, wrists, shoulders, and back.

The Hoof Boss comes with a diamond coated file  – so you never have to send it back for sharpening- and can trim thousands of cows before needing a replacement chain. It also comes with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructional DVD.

The Hoof Boss weighs five ounces and fits most standard 4.5 inch (115mm and 125mm) angle and disc grinders. Comes Standard  with 7/8 22mm Hole