Chucks and Faceplates

Chuck Never before has a chuck taken on the world so quickly as this one. Never again spend your valuable turning time changing out jaws on your chuck(s). — yes we know you already probable have a couple. In 30 seconds your can change out a complete set of 4 jaws, return your work to the spindle and start turning again. The patented Easy Chuck’s Zoom Ring gives you the ability to open and close the jaws extremely rapidly with just your fingertips. No need for a clumsy chuck key except for the final tightening. If you are new to turning, consider this chuck as the best investment you will make towards your turning career. ASK a few old timers how many chucks they have, (each costing between $200 and $400). This one eliminates the need to have so many; it does everything and more the others don’t. AND its made in the USA from high quality alloy steel. Click on video to see one in action. VIDEO There are 6 different jaw sets. If you need a simple faceplate, check out Craig’s range of these too.

Jaw CJ350Chuck Jaw CJ250Jaw CJ350Chuck Jaw CJ250