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Is pleased to announce we are  now the New Zealand Sole distributor for

King Arthur Tools       Saburrtooth Burrs   Easy Woodturning Tools       Hoof Trimming Tools

For all enquires  contact Terry Scott       timberly@xtra.co.nz

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www.timberly.co.nz for examples of items made using this great range of tools

All items available for viewing  in our  Showroom  at 320 Hunua Rd Papakura 2583 Auckland New Zealand         We ship daily overseas  email for a quote

NOTE : This site is under development : and will be relocating to www.timberlywoodturning.co.nz  

The prices on this existing site are an indication only due to differentials in  currency and freight charges. Email for a quote 

We will still continue to offer a unique range of carving, turning, detailing and finishing tools and products to cut, shape & finish your project – whether wood, bone, plastics soft stone or other like materials.

All offer exciting uses for both the professional and amateur woodworker – wood carver, sculptor or turner, and are an invaluable accessory for builders, electricians, plumbers, home handymen and D-I-Y’s.  Can be used by Farriers and Taxidermists.

Manufactured and developed in the USA, these products have distinct safety and performance features and are unmatched in the industry for versatility, durability and cost effectiveness.

The KING ARTHUR’S TOOLS range starts with tools that mount on your angle grinder- ‘roughing’ out chain cutters like “LANCELOT” used on regular 4” & 4 1/2″ angle grinders, Tungsten carbide rotary rasps (Holy Galahad) and sanding flapper discs (Igraine) and unique power sanding and polishing systems. The KAT range is named after many Knights & Ladies of King Arthur’s entourage, check out Lancelot, Squire, Galahad, Merlin, Guinevere and Igraine. Merlin is a miniature carving system as a stand-alone product. These are not toys. They are robust well engineered tools for serious woodworkers and artists.

Additionally Lancelot can be used in the orchard for all your kerf grafting on Kiwifruit stumps and many other fruit trees. It gives 4.5, 6 & 8 mm wide clean cuts for budwood insertion onto a clean cambium layer and when paired together, can produce quality budwood scions as well.

SABURRTOOTH are rotary burrs (or ‘hedgehogs’) made from high quality tungsten carbide that eat wood, bone, plastics and like material like no tomorrow. They have 1/8″ and 1/4″ shafts so fit Dremels and other larger air die grinders. No sharpening and extremely tough, they will outlast all of the others out there on the market. These tools make work with all timbers, rubbers, resins, bone & plastics and all other ‘soft’ materials extremely easy, and best of all, fun! Can etch glass and shape soft stones.

EASY WOOD TOOLS are a range of tungsten tipped wood turning chisels that give you for the first time the chance to make beautiful bowls and turned pieces without having to learn the old traditional way. A lot less time sharpening, no more dull edges, these tools will make you say “Wow!” Also check out the revolutionary new EWT chuck.